5 Life Rules That Will Make You So Much Happier

Life is short, but we can do small things to make the best of it. If you start to make adjustments to your daily routine, you’ll start to see powerful changes that will not only affect you but also those who come into contact with you. All it takes is one decision to transform your old way of doing things. Here are five rules for making each day your best one.

1. Let yourself love

Couple holding hands romantically

Couple holding hands romantically Let yourself love others, even for relationships that aren’t romantic. |

Allow yourself to truly enjoy the people in your life. Learn to bathe in the joy of the unique love that develops within each of your relationships. You never know where that love will emerge, so when it does, accept it with open arms. Know that it may not come in the way you expect, but it’s still love all the same.

Love is good for both the heart and soul. Research shows that being in love helps lower blood pressure and even reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety. Using functional MRI scans, researchers viewed the brain images of people who were in love. They discovered that those in long-term relationships had reduced activation in the area of the brain that induces anxiety compared to those in newer relationships.

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