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5 Outdated Beauty Products You Need to Throw Out Immediately

Ever since most of us stepped foot in a beauty store as tweens, we’ve had drawers full of eye shadows, lipsticks, and skin care products. But times have changed since our first foray into beauty. While it’s important to regularly check your products’ expiration dates and discard accordingly, some types of beauty products are outdated in terms of the look they give. If you need to clean out your makeup cabinet, here are five types of products you should ditch immediately.

1. Lip gloss

Applying lip-gloss to the lips

Applying lip-gloss to the lips Lip gloss is just too sticky. | iStock.com/gpointstudio

Behind every powerful, beauty-obsessed woman is an arsenal of flattering, diverse lipsticks. So why would you keep your sticky lip glosses around? Sure, they were cool when you were 13 years old, but now that you’re an adult woman, they’re more of a nuisance. The sticky texture does not bode well when you have stray hairs in your face, plus most glosses won’t last an hour — especially if you’re drinking from a water bottle or glass. And if we’re being completely honest, the ultra-glossy sheen most of them have looks unprofessional. Instead, consider picking up a lipstick, stain, or tinted balm — all three have a matte finish and last longer.

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