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5 Pilates Exercises That Will Give You Toned Arms

Pilates is a great total-body workout that can tone each and every muscle. It even has other health benefits, such as improving cognitive function and easing back pain. If you’ve never tried Pilates before, it’s something to consider. All you need is a basic gym mat and a set of weights that are between one and three pounds. If you’re looking to get toned arms, these are some Pilates exercises you should definitely try.

1. Arm circles

Athletic woman in sports clothes

Athletic woman in sports clothes Arm circles are great for strengthening your arm and shoulder muscles. | iStock.com/Milan Markovic

This move may seem basic, but Livestrong.com mentions it’s effective and a great way to warm up your shoulders. Arm circles also help tone your biceps, forearms, and triceps. Get started by standing with your legs close together, heels touching, and toes pointed out to create a “V” stance. Letting your arms hang, begin to draw small circles from your shoulders as you raise your arms toward the ceiling. Reverse the direction of the circles as you lower your arms back to the starting position. Add weights to increase resistance.

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