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5 Real Penis Problems

There are some moments in your life that you may find something in your private parts you did not want, or do not understand or simply terrify you! How do we know that many people do not know this … Here we were a couple of problems that you can have and they can help you find and manage your problem. However, do not forget to call your doctor! They usually know the best way to help!

Sometimes you find strange stuff in private part that looks unusual and it scares you. How do you even know that people aren’t seeing it, or know about it. Here a couple of problems that you can have with your privates parts and how to manage them. If you found any of these, do not hesitate to call a doctor, the always have the best solution.

Your erection won’t work properly after too much alcohol

Too much alcohol can make it more difficult to get an erection, maintain or reach ejaculation. It’s probably because alcohol acts as a depressant that reduces your senses. So if you plan to have some action at night, it is good that you set a limit of alcohol.

You get to orgasm after two minutes

Premature ejaculation (PE) is usually defined as having an orgasm in a moment of insight and feeling distressed about. The important thing to note here is that there is nothing wrong with people biologically PE and experts are not entirely sure what causes it.

This is NOT an ejaculation

If you’re having a discharge from the urethra is not ejaculation, consult your doctor. This could be a sign of gonorrhea or chlamydia, which are sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that are treatable.

You do your best but do not reach the climax

Delayed ejaculation is when you do not have any problems getting or maintaining an erection, but ejaculation is a problem – especially with a partner. This often happens as a result of excessive masturbation or masturbating in a way that really can not be replicated with your partner.

You had a piercing and you are now having complications

If you made a piercing at some point, be aware that there are fairly common complications that can come with it. As it goes through the urethra, there is a possibility that drilling can create a urethral fistula and could finish urinating out of that hole. You can fix that by means of an operation