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5 reasons why you aren’t getting laid

To the disappointed Casanovas in here, this might sound a little more familiar to you. You thought you finally got her in bed when she agreed to make it your end and spend the night with you. It looked like a done deal for the night, and then she suddenly makes this excuse “I am very tired” Bombshell! Now before start lying back to back, here one real quick question you got to ask yourself: where did it go wrong?
To dive in to the mistakes you could be making without been aware, I have had to ask the opinion of several other ladies to be sure they are thinking the way as me. What goes wrong when they are about to get down with a gentleman and he suddenly blow things off ? Well, this could be a chance for you to correct your mistakes.

    You are too needy

You call her twice as much as she calls you. You freak out anytime she misses your call and doesn’t ring you back immediately. You get worried even in situations where there is nothing to worry about. Beware that this gets you nothing. Make sure you are top, she needs you more than you think.

    You don’t make her laugh

Ladies like funny guys, they love to have a great laugh when they are with you. If you aren’t getting any funnier, then maybe you need some practice. You can get some comedy DVDs and practice in the mirror if possible. Being the funny dude always gets the right girls around you.

    You don’t play on the right card

Confidence is good card to play on when done right, only that you need to know when to go for it. If too many chances pass by and you don’t make any move, she will be frustrated and disappointed. Not too many unnecessary kisses, if you not you may end up with a black-eye.

    You think of being friends with her first!

Yes! Many guys think being buddies with her is cool, so that with time she will see you as more than a friend. The mistake you are making is, there is no such thing as lust in friendship. If you force yourself to be friends, you will remain friends forever.

    Limiting your social pool

You think it’s always great to be formal, trying to always have a prior introduction the first time you meet a girl. Have you ever tried walking to her when she is cold in the bar, bookstore or coffee shop? Broaden your horizon, there more ways for you to succeed.