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5 Small Money Moves That Can Change Your Financial Life

Do you want to become a financial success? Becoming successful in your finances isn’t easy, but it’s also not so difficult that you can’t get there. While it will take some effort to realize your dream, building wealth doesn’t have to involve drastic changes to your lifestyle.  All it takes is a few small, deliberate moves for you to reach your financial goal. Here are five small money moves that can change your financial life for the better. No. 3 may not even cost you a penny if you’re smart about it.

1. Save your raises

Money exchanging hands

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Did you just get a big raise? Congratulations! Now act as if that raise never existed. If you were able to manage before the raise, behaving as if you don’t have the money shouldn’t be too hard. After you get that first fat check, set up automatic transfers so the additional earnings go straight into your savings account. Before you know it, you will have built a healthy savings account that will get you through your next financial storm. Also think about using your raises to beef up retirement savings. However, if you were struggling before the raise, you may be better off working on devising a budget so you can keep a close eye on what is coming into and going out of your household.