5 Stunning Clutch Bags You’ll Want to Wear on Your Next Date

With nerves and expectations weighing on your mind, it can be extremely tough to know how to dress for a date. Whether you’ve been seeing someone for a few weeks or are meeting them for the first time, a great way to feel more confident about your outfit is to carry a stylish clutch. Handheld bags are a perfect way add a bit of personality and flare to an otherwise casual look. Here are some of our favorite clutches that are sure to take your date night ensemble to the next level.

1. From St. Xavier Ziggy Clutch

From St. Xavier Ziggy Clutch

From St. Xavier Ziggy Clutch From St. Xavier Ziggy Clutch | Bloomingdale’s

No matter how informal your date location may be, it never hurts to add a bit of subtle bling to your outfit. We love From St. Xavier’s Ziggy Clutch, because isn’t so bedazzled that it’s garish. Rather, the geometric pattern gives it more of an Art Deco aesthetic, which strikes the perfect balance if you plan to wear a more minimal outfit. As a bonus, if you get tired of carrying the bag as a clutch, it comes with a chain shoulder strap.

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