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5 Style Myths Men Shouldn’t Believe

Remember when you were a kid and a parent told you something that you accepted as true — you had no reason to believe it was wrong. Admit it, for a few years, you thought the Tooth Fairy was real. Unfortunately, you’ve probably also been told a few myths about style that have held you back from reaching your true fashion potential. Until now that is. Here are five style myths debunked. 

1. Designer clothing is always expensive

Don't believe these style myths

Don't believe these style myths Don’t believe these style myths. | iStock.com

Yes, most, but not all, designer clothing is expensive and some items never get price reductions, but many do. If there is something you really want, but it’s not within your budget, just keep your eyes and mouth open. Check websites often, subscribe to mailing lists, and don’t be afraid to ask a sales associate when a particular item might be discounted.

Another way to get a discount involves making a purchase on a website for the first time. Many companies offer you a discount outright or in exchange for your email address and other information. If there is a particular label you like, check out flash sale sites such as Gilt, or try outlets and their websites, such as Barney’s Warehouse, OFF 5TH, Last Call, or Nordstrom Rack.