5 Tips to Keep Your Computer Fast

Slow computers and Internet connections are on the list of the most annoying things to encounter. This fact appears funny until the truth that computers are so part of human life crosses the mind. The scary thought is that, if they are slow, it means people will always be angry, disappointed or annoyed. There are good news too: that similarly to a car engine, a computer will run smoothly if it is regularly serviced.

A computer differs from a car in that it does not require professional assistance or trips to a garage for maintenance: rather, the owner can do it. Therefore, to get out of the PC annoyance zone, or to avoid experiencing it, here are five tips to help:

  • Unused Programs

PCs will come preloaded with programs that the new user may not necessarily require. Therefore, before using a new PC, it is wise to uninstall any of such programs from the control panel.

  • Temporary Files

Every time a computer runs, temporary files are created that pile up in the “Temp” folder. Emptying it increases computer performance. To delete them: open “My Computer”, click on the drive with the Operating System, “Drive C”, open the “Windows” folder, and locate the “Temp” folder. Open it and highlight all the files (“Control” + “A”) the press “delete”.

  • Start-up Programs

Whenever necessary, only minimal and essential programs such as Antivirus should run when the computer starts. Too many programs at boot up reduce the speed at which the PC starts. They also consume more computer resources such as memory resulting in slow performance.

  • Larger Hard Drive

Installing programs and storing more files take up Hard Drive space, and, with time, it becomes 85 percent full. This affects the computer speed. As such, having more space in the Hard Drive sustains computer speed.

  • Install Antivirus Software

Viruses are notorious for interfering with humans by causing illnesses. Similarly, exposing a computer to infections will have the same effect on it. Computers need immunity just like humans. Installing Antivirus software on the PC provides the protection, thus, maintaining computer speed.

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