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5 Ways To Wake Up Happy And Refreshed

Do no eat before going to bed

Our digestive system stays up and running even when we go to sleep. Eating two slice of pizza before going to bed will probability get you tired when you wake up. Your digestive system will be up and working all night by trying to digest hard cheese and white flour. It is better to avoid eating late at night so that your liver and the lymphatic system will do their job by cleaning your system.
It is great to choose an early dinner that will help you get to bed not hungry but not to much full either.

Extend your sleeping hours

Every additional hour of sleep can help you feel better the next morning. You felt tired but you still stayed all night to watch your favorite TV episode. That is a bad practice. It is great to take advantage of every single opportunity within the day but it is important to allow yourself to go bed at a reasonable time. The average sleep time for an adult is 8 hours, a shorter sleep time than this may not have a good result for you. If you know you need to wake up due to a newborn or anything like that, go to bed even earlier than usual – this will help to get the maximum sleep you need.

Avoid using smart-phones at night
The blue light that projects from our cell phones charger interrupts the creation of melatnin – the sleep hormone – this causes sleep disorder. Besides, people who keep their cell phones close to their bed are likely to read and email from work or something like when they wake up early in the morning. This can let you start your day with a bad feeling.

Exercise in the morning

It is difficult to wake up and go for a jogging at 6AM, but the truth is that it helps you to start your day right. The exercise makes your blood flow better and also rises the oxygen level in your body. This is a very positive way to start your day. Research says exercising in the morning increases your metabolism during the day there by helping you to lose weight.

Reset your biological clock
We are all used to waking up in the morning and hitting the alarm button and going to bed again just after that. In practice, this make you feel angry and gets everything around angry. It is important to rather think of adjusting our biological clock. You can achieve this by going to bed and waking up at the exact same time over a number of days. You will notice that soon, you will start waking up 2-5 minutes before the alarm stats making noise.