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6 Career Killers to Avoid at All Costs

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Finding a good job that you like — and see yourself staying at for more than a year — is hard to come by. However, once you’ve secured the job, it’s important not to get too comfortable. If you’re not careful, you could sabotage your career with an employer. Here are six blunders that could cause your career to go up in flames.

1. Lying

Lying can kill your career at a company before it even starts. Resist the urge to lie on your résumé or during the interview. It may take some time, but eventually you will be caught. So don’t add degrees you didn’t earn or jobs that you never had. Know that your work history is included in your employment credit report, so information about past jobs can be easily researched. And once an employer discovers your dishonesty, you will be seen as someone who can’t be trusted. Just don’t do it.

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