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6 NFL Players With Genius IQs

When scanning the NFL, you’ll find quite a few players who are pretty smart. Whether they attended a great school for both football and academics or excelled off the field in college, some of them — the NFL players with genius IQs — deserve praise.

The seven players below definitely qualify as being really, really ridiculously smart. For these names, it’s a safe bet that they won’t burn through that NFL money too quickly, and if they do, they’ll have a strong degree to put on their resume. Let’s kick it off with a name many people know and love.

1. Ryan Fitzpatrick

6 NFL Players With Genius IQs

6 NFL Players With Genius IQs Ryan Fitzpatrick of the New York Jets watches a game from the sidelines. | Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Fitzmagic is probably the most well-known and talked about player for academics. That’s largely due to the fact that you don’t find many quarterbacks who come from Harvard. Not only did Ryan Fitzpatrick graduate from the prestigious school, but he also posted a Wonderlic score of 48.

Another fun fact about Fitzpatrick is that he scored a 1,580 on the SAT back when it was out of 1,600. There’s no question that Fitzpatrick has earned a spot on this list.

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