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6 Romantic Gestures Every Woman Wants Her Partner to Perform

Whether you’ve been with a woman for a few years or your relationship is still new, it’s necessary to demonstrate your appreciation once in a while. Here are a few ways to show you care and light a fire that will make her want to be with only you.

1. Compliment her

Couple enjoying drinks on a date

Couple enjoying drinks on a date It’s always important to compliment your date. | iStock.com/Carlos Davila

Never stop telling your partner how beautiful she is and how happy she makes you feel. You may think these things, but your thoughts aren’t enough to make her feel good. Even if you told her she’s beautiful and intelligent a few days ago, remind her often how stunning and witty you think she is.

Dating expert Nick Notas says it’s important to offer compliments that are genuine and that focus not only on physical appearance but also qualities about her personality or values that you find intriguing. He writes:

You want to express your desire for her, but it should be for a variety of reasons. This also encourages her to open up and display those qualities you like. Remember, no girl wants to feel like just “another notch,” even if it’s just casual. … Generations of women have been wooed by genuine compliments — that’s not changing anytime soon. Appreciate what she has to offer and man up to show your intentions.

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