6 Signs that She Is into You

Happy coupleMen, while searching for their lost rib, will undergo at least one time of great disappointment in their lives. If you are a man, your brain gives you hints that a particular lady you adore reciprocates the feelings. To your biggest dismay, you later find out that all you had were illusions; you are nothing more than her workmate, friend, or daily-see neighbor.

Just to save you the embarrassment, before you go exposing yourself to self-inflicted heartbreaks, watch out for these signals to tell you whether she really is interested in you:

  1. The rate at which she responds to emails or texts says a lot. A lady who is quick to talk back, and one that does not require you to vest too much into making her do, is sending you positive hints. Better still, if she returns emotion-filled multiple-page texts, keep doing what you are doing.
  2. If a lady is always willing to help you out with tasks, accompany you to places, or always hang out with you, it is possible that she is attracted to you. However, this can at times happen because she has nothing else to do!
  3. Does she always talk about you? If her talk to friends and everyone around her is never complete without your mention, you might be the lucky torch bearer. Do not overreact, though; find out whether it is positive talk first.
  4. She is always first to initiate conversations and you will severally wake up to texts like, “wakey wakey, bear!” Not all her male friends may be getting that kind of favor. It means you are different.
  5. If a lady is comfortable letting you into her darkest secrets or sharing her future plans with you, you might have broken past the friend zone wall into a much deeper part of her. Just be sure she does not see you as a bank.
  6. Have you ever caught her staring at you, your photo, or something you own? (Ignore if it is your car). Once is not enough. However, if this recurs, consider yourself earth’s luckiest man because of all these tips, this one is more promising.

There you have it; evaluation tips to consider just before you soak your heart in sadness, disappointment, and embarrassment. If, after keen assessment, you have three or more matches; you are a like a pirate who just hit a goldmine!

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