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6 Signs You’re About to Be Laid Off

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Being laid off can be a traumatic experience. You can’t prevent it, but you may be able to predict a layoff with some careful observation. Whether or not your prediction is correct, one thing to remember is that being let go is just part of the world of work. Author Lita Epstein said it’s important to accept this sobering fact. “We all need to accept the fact that being laid off is just part of the lifestyle in the United States. Most people will be laid off at least once in their lifetime and many will be laid off multiple times,” said Epstein in Surviving a Layoff: A Week-by-Week Guide to Getting Your Life Back Together.

Having a good idea of when your time is up can help you prepare for the future. While some may say that getting laid off and getting fired are the same, there are some subtle differences. Here are a few signs you won’t be at your current job very long.

1. There have been layoff rumors

Most of the time, layoff rumors are true. Even if your boss says your job is safe, pay attention to potential signs that it will be time to clear out your desk. Actions usually speak a lot louder than words when it comes to layoffs. Lack of eye contact, whispers from co-workers that cease when you’re nearby, or any unusual behavior should be taken into account.

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