6 Ways to Keep the Romance Alive

Remember that time when all you wanted was to be around your partner all day? If you do, can you tell what happened to the good old days? Well, forget trying to recall them; there are effective ways to bring that old flame back to life and keep the romance alive!

You should;

Understand that love fades mainly due to commitments; both of you get busy to support your family and pay bills. In the process, you lack special time together which is vital in helping keep the romance alive and eventually drift apart. To reverse this, always make sure you make time for each other at least twice a week. Go on dates, walk together, or have that candlelit dinner.

Share the shower. No matter how tight your schedules are, you have to take a shower at some time during the day. Plan your time, so you do this together. This magical moment allows you to talk everything under a steamy environment as you wash away the boredom.

Know that having kids is likely to wedge partners apart especially because the mother has to spend much time with the baby. In this case, the husband may feel ignored. Solve this problem by having a babysitter take over the motherly chores; then find a romantic thing to do away from the house.

Never carry your office home. Apart from being too heavy, bringing your work home means you have to utilize some family time or bed time with the office work. This will leave the other partner unattended. An effective way of resurrecting the flame is not carrying your work home not unless it is very necessary.

Maintain the “hot” dressing code you could never wait to unleash back in the days. This mostly affects bedroom matters. According to dating specialists, many couples lose their bedroom fashion sense some years after moving in. Sleeping in baggy pajamas, thick pullovers, or “restrictive” wear kills the flame effect that goes a long way in sparking magic moments!

Finally, and more importantly, to  keep the romance alive do not stop doing the things you used to do long ago, especially after you started dating. In this, the idea is that; always touch like before, practice chivalry, be affirmative, exchange gifts, serve each other, and refuse to grow old!

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