7 Fitness Goals That Basically Guarantee Failure

When it comes to getting in shape, it’s best to set some goals for yourself. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or gain muscle, setting concrete goals is a key to ensuring success. But what happens when those goals become too unreachable? The fact of the matter is, some very common fitness goals are so overly ambitious that they set you up for failure before you even start. Here are seven popular fitness goals that pretty much guarantee failure.

1. Getting your stomach completely flat

Sporty young woman lying on exercise mat doing sit-ups

Sporty young woman lying on exercise mat doing sit-ups Even someone with six-pack abs doesn’t have a completely flat stomach. | Ammentorp Lund

One of the most popular fitness goals out there is to achieve the perfect stomach — often one so flat that it doesn’t even pooch out past your hipbones. But this common fitness goal is also almost completely unobtainable. As Shape points out, it’s difficult to make your stomach concave — it will naturally pooch out if you have eaten and crunches won’t do anything. And though extreme dieting might seem like an option for getting a smaller midsection, not eating enough leads to malnutrition and other health issues. There is literally no way to win this fitness battle, ultimately setting you up for failure.

Solution: Instead of focusing on making your stomach unrealistically flat, focus on making it toned. WebMD recommends incorporating all-over body workouts to help burn more fat, and fix your posture (since slouching can cause your stomach to stick out more).

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