7 Lies Employers Love to Put in Job Descriptions

A man lies face down on his desk, defeated

A man lies face down on his desk, defeated A man lies face down on his desk, defeated |

Trust is hard to come by. Job seekers and employees tend to lie or fib on their resumes, for example, and there are numerous factors at play that tend to make workers skeptical of their employers. There’s a lot of balls in the air, so to speak, and creating a workplace in which everyone gets along, can communicate effectively, and feel valued is very difficult to achieve.

That makes it even more difficult for those on the job hunt. The process of finding a job, in and of itself, is difficult enough. But stepping through a minefield of carefully worded and deceitful job listings that litter sites like Craigslist and others can make a difficult process that much worse. Job seekers might spend hours working on tailoring their resume for a specific position, only to find out the job itself isn’t at all what they expected — or not even hear back from the employer.

Nothing is more infuriating and frustrating, particularly when you’re in need of work.

So, we’ve put together a small cheat sheet for those of you on the job trail who are trying to wade through bad job listings. Look for common, vague language, like that listed on the following pages. These are the jobs that you shouldn’t even bother applying for; it’ll likely only waste your time, and gnaw away at your patience.

Here are seven common lies or deceitful tactics employers love to put in job descriptions.

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