7 More Comic Books That Are Worth Big Money Today

With all the big-budget superhero franchises hitting theaters in the last few years, it would serve us well to remember that many of these stories were pulled straight from the pages of comic books written decades ago. Since many of those comics first hit shelves, they’ve gotten more and more valuable. Collectors from around the world search far and wide for these rare issues, often featuring the first appearance of iconic superheroes from both Marvel and DC.

So which of these comic books are worth the most? We’ve highlighted a fair share of these valuable comics in the past, but even that was just the tip of the iceberg. Here are the rest, all of which are worth six figures (and sometimes more).

1. Marvel Comics #1 ($859,000)

Marvel Comics #1

Marvel Comics #1 Marvel Comics #1 | Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics #1 featured a host of popular characters, but it’s most known for the first ever appearance of the Human Torch. Interestingly enough, this version of the hero wasn’t actually the one in the Fantastic Four, but instead was an android iteration that predated Johnny Storm by 20 plus years.

This particular issue also has the distinction of being the third most valuable comic book in the world, checking in right behind the first appearance of Batman in Detective Comics, and the first appearance of Superman in Action Comics. 

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