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7 NFL Teams and Their Marvel Superhero Helmet Designs

Al Bello/Getty Images

Al Bello/Getty Images Al Bello/Getty Images

We can’t help but look up to our favorite athletes. When they put on their uniforms and step out onto the field of play, we immediately see them as different creatures. Their sheer athleticism is beyond human. Their strength, endurance, agility, and reflexes are oftentimes so incomprehensible, that we tend to characterize them as something more. For all intents and purposes, these individuals are superheroes — especially those in the National Football League.

Aside from these giants of the gridiron, some of the other more recognizable superheroes belong in the Marvel Universe. Not only are these characters successful on the big screen, but if you’re a real fan, then you feel more than just the need to go and support the latest superhero movie — you feel a connection to these characters. Perhaps you read the comics, or wore the outfits. Perhaps you looked to their stories for advice and guidance.

These characters, like you, had hopes and fears and dreams and values, and they stood for something. And that made them worth investing in. And in that respect, among others, there is a clear connection between the NFL and the Marvel Universe.

Graphic designer Justin Kozisek recognized this, and he decided to do something about it. Like those who came before him in a galaxy far, far away, he decided to design NFL helmets to give them their own Marvel character counterpart. And they are super awesome. Of course, we can’t help but have a few favorites. With that in mind, here’s a look at 7 NFL teams and their Marvel superhero helmet designs.