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7 of the Most Charitable Celebrities in Hollywood

There are many celebrities who have a lot of power and influence due to the platform they’re given. Also a lot of them are making bank from their work. So it makes sense that they want to do some good. Many selfless celebrities have fought for good causes. Then there are celebrities who have given back through donations and their time for charity. Wondering who in Hollywood is going above and beyond? Here are seven of the most charitable celebrities.

1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift | Adrian Sanchez/Getty Images

Say what you want about the songwriter’s music or personal life, but she happens to be very charitable. Just this year she supported Kesha who has been fighting against her producer Dr. Luke in court. Kesha wants to be released from her record contract because she alleges that her producer drugged her and raped her. To help out with her legal battles Swift ended up donating money to her.

In a show of support, Taylor Swift has donated $250,000 to Kesha to help with any of her financial needs during this trying time,” her spokesperson announced according to USA Today. She doesn’t just help her fellow artists but people in need from natural disasters.

Louisiana had a huge flood this year which led to many people needing to be evacuated and a lot of damage. The singer decided to chip in by donating $50,000 to Ascension Public Schools, according to NY Daily News. This donation came after the public school came out with a back-to-school video that used her song “Shake It Off.” The donation is only part of the $1 million she pledged to donate to Louisiana’s flood victims.

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