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7 Processed Foods That Are Surprisingly Healthy

There are plenty of easy and quick meals that you may eat every day that aren’t doing your health any good service. But all in all, there are quite a few foods that have high nutritional value even if they aren’t coming right from your local farm to your dinner table.

One the other hand, there are plenty of “processed” foods, that is, foods that have been processed and packaged in a factory before hitting the stores, that are quite nutrient-dense and time-saving when it comes to making easy weeknight meals. Here are a few highly-nutritious processed foods that you should feel good about adding in to your diet.

1. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt Greek yogurt is a must for those looking to get a dose each of calcium and protein. | iStock.com

Though many yogurts on the market contain sugary syrups and fruit toppings to flavor them, Greek yogurt, while still processed and supplied in both individual packages and larger containers, can be part of a balanced and healthy diet. Greek yogurt differs from regular yogurt because the liquid whey is separated from the final product, according to Healthline. This gives the Greek yogurt its signature thick texture, and it reduces the carbs and sugar content that is higher in other yogurts.

There’s quite a bit more protein in Greek yogurt as well, which assists in muscle growth and skin health. And, even though Greek yogurt is processed, there are still probiotics present in the product. The high levels of potassium and calcium are also a plus, and this yogurt in particular is known for helping exercise fiends repair their muscles quicker between workouts.

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