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7 Risk Factors That Increase Your Chances of Getting Skin Cancer

When the the summer months are in full swing, everyone takes the fun and games outdoors. This, of course, means tons of sunscreen, since worries about sun exposure are on everyone’s mind. Unfortunately, your July 4th barbecue or day at the beach aren’t the only times of year you should be conscious of protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays, because risk factors that raise your chances of getting this common cancer aren’t exclusive to summer. Here is a look at seven of them and preventative steps you can take.

1. Weak immune system

Woman blowing her nose on couch

Woman blowing her nose on couch That sneezing could be a bad sign. | iStock.com/Wavebreakmedia

A depleted immune system gives you a higher chance of becoming sick. But, as the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention explains, a weak immune system can also raise your risk for non-melanoma skin cancer. This means people who’ve received transplants are more susceptible. “people who have had an organ transplant often take medicines to weaken the immune system so that the body cannot reject the organ, the same story says. And remember, chronic stress can also weaken your immune system. It’s best to avoid sun exposure as much as possible if you have a depleted immune system, whether that means wearing extra layers of clothing or posting up in a shaded area.

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