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7 Signs You’re Going to Get Fired

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Few people are excited to hear they’re losing their job. But even worse than being on the receiving end of a pink slip is an unexpected firing. You think everything is rosy at work, until your boss calls you into the corner office and lets you know you’re being let go. Being blindsided by a firing is damaging to your self-esteem and can make it harder to get back on your feet and get your career back on track.

Sometimes, firings really do come out of nowhere. But often there are signs that your job is in jeopardy long before you’re officially told you’re being terminated. If you’re seeing any of the following signs at your office, it could be time to start updating your resume.

1. Your co-workers are acting weird

Sometimes, it’s easier for people outside of a situation to see the writing on the wall. If your office mates suddenly start forgetting to invite you to meetings, leaving you out of important email chains, and giving you pitying looks in the break room, be wary.

Co-workers who start treating you like a pariah may suspect that you’re on the way out the door, perhaps because they’re plugged into the office grapevine. Once you end up on management’s bad side, people may steer clear to avoid being tainted by association. Or if colleagues suddenly have a lot of questions about how you do your work, it may be because they suspect they’ll soon be taking on your assignments.

“Most often your peers already know, and the firing is only a surprise to the one getting canned,” Robert C. McMillan, author of The Next Gen Leader, told Men’s Health.

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