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7 Surprising Conditions You Can Treat With Botox

It’s no surprise Botox has a storied past. From its early days of testing the market to the booming cosmetic industry staple it is today, Botox has been proving naysayers wrong since its FDA approval in 2002. You know it’s popular, but just how Botox-obsessed have people become? In a Reader’s Digest Canada article, Katherine Ashenburg writes, “Botox has become a billion-dollar industry, North America’s No. 1 cosmetic procedure and the inspiration behind a crowded new generation of fillers, intense-pulsed-light and radio-frequency therapies, and other age-fighting products.” Interestingly, it is good for more than just treating frown lines and crow’s feet. Botox has a myriad of uses, some of which may surprise you.

1. Depression

sad woman grasping her head

sad woman grasping her head Botox can help depression? Maybe. | iStock.com

Saying that Botox can help improve the negative effects of a mental illness is a big claim, but some research has shown it may help to relieve signs of depression. In a small study, patients who received a single treatment in the region between their eyebrows experienced a strong and sustained alleviation of depression. The study participants had not improved on previous medication they had tried, and the findings suggest that a person’s facial musculature not only expresses, but also regulates, mood states.

While Botox most likely provides a somewhat instant gratification factor, in terms of aesthetic improvements, the research supports the idea that mood may be not-so-indirectly related. When a person is sad, depressed, or in a bad mood, you can typically see it on their face. In theory, if a person’s facial expression is “improved,” at least in their mind, perhaps they’ll also start projecting a more positive outlook or attitude.

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