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7 Ways Your Friends Are Stressing You Out

Your confidante. Your rock. Your go-to gal. (Or guy.) There are many names you can give your close friends. Unfortunately, the word “stressor” can often be attached to them as well. You might ask yourself, “Aren’t my friends supposed to help alleviate my stress?” While that might be true, some of your pals’ habits are actually having a negative affect on your health. Here are seven ways your friends are causing you stress.

1. They wreck your sleep pattern

Incoming Call Cellphone Next To Bed

Incoming Call Cellphone Next To Bed Your friend’s late night calls are causing you stress. | iStock.com/allanswart

Having friends text you at all hours of the night isn’t just for teenagers. Many adults have friends who like to call or text them out of a deep sleep — a habit that, sadly, is detrimental to your health. Stress and a lack of sleep are, unfortunately, closely connected. And when your compadres are texting you late and interrupting your sleep cycle, your stress level can escalate.

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