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7 Worst Pieces of Career Advice to Avoid

There’s a lot of career advice out there, and some of it is pretty bad. When it comes to navigating your career, you have to be careful about from whom you take career advice. A wrong move could cost you a job. Here are some career tips experts say you’d be better off avoiding.

1. A flashy resume will help you stand out

Man holding resume

Man holding resume Don’t get too creative. | iStock.com

A flashy resume could cause your application to get passed over. While a little creativity is welcome, going overboard is a problem, said Saad Rizvi, founder of career site Mentat.

“In many cases, the first-round interview screen is conducted by an ATS or Application Tracking System (in simple terms, a robot). These programs are optimized for gathering information from a very basic design, and fancy graphs or pictures are not picked up or taken into consideration while filtering out resumes, so you might be passed over despite being a good fit for the role,” Rizvi told The Cheat Sheet.

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