8 Foods that you didn’t expect would cause cancer

We all want that healthy body, but don’t really fancy on cutting back on the yummy cakes and chocolates. But even if we do kick back on the calories, there are a few popular food items that are very common that are actually dangerous for us in the long run and can cause cancer. The list will shock you.

Microwaveable popcorn

popcornSure, it’s a convenient snack especially if you have a movie marathon happening. You eat it at the cinemas, so what’s the big deal with popping some corn in the microwave? There are harmful chemicals that line the inside of the microwavable bag that have been tested and proven to cause liver, pancreatic and testicular cancer. Bet you didn’t know that. It would be the healthiest option to make popcorn the old fashioned way where there are no chemicals like perflourooctanoic acid present.

Canned Fruits

cannedfruitWe all stock them as dessert after a hearty meal. The delectable juices and fresh sweetness of canned fruits are out of this world. But like the microwavable popcorn, it is not the contents of the can that cause cancer but the lining of the can itself. It contains a harmful chemical called bisphenol-A which can affect your genes in your brain. That alone should make you cautious. Acidic canned fruits and vegetables cause this chemical to dissipate into the food. The FDA is looking to eliminate this harmful chemical altogether. So next time you feel like indulging your sweet tooth, go for fresh fruits instead.


processed Meat

Processed-MeatsThese types of meat are our common household stock and are easy to store and use anytime. However, they contain certain chemicals and salts that make the meats look appealing and fresh. These chemicals can cause cancer. In a study done by BMC Medicine, they found out that 1 out of 17 people died. The study was divided into groups of people who ate 8 times more processed meat than the other group and had a 44% risk of an early death.

Drinks and Foods that are ‘Diet’ friendly

Diet-drinksThese kinds of foods and drinks contain aspartame which is an artificial sweetener. It is a sugar substitute and many studies show that this is a cancer causing agent and can be found in many frozen foods and diet sodas.

Farm Raised Salmon

Farm-raised-salmonFresh Salmon is delicious and a very healthy meat. However, much of the salmon you see in the market is not fresh from the wild, but is instead grown on salmon farms. These farms are crowded and like many animal farms, the salmon are grown in not ideal conditions and are fed an unhealthy diet full of chemicals, pesticides and other harmful carcinogenic food by products to get them to grow bigger. As they are grown in crowded pools, they tend to have up to 30 times more sea lice. You may not be in for the healthy treat you thought with farmed Salmon.


Potato Chips

Potatoe-chipsThey are a staple in every household and a great convenient snack for game nights, movies and as a side for a main course. But they are full of high-glycemic carbohydrates, fats that contribute to clogged arteries and artificial flavoring. They are also cooked at high temperatures that produce acrylamide which is a cancer causing substance.


Genetically Modified Organism foods

Genetically-Modified-Organism-foodsYou may buy fresh looking produce from the market, but chances are you will be purchasing vegetables and fruits that have been genetically modified. While organic is the best way to go, the stores are flooded with GMO produce. The Food & Chemical Toxicology Journal released a study that showed rats that ate genetically modified corn developed cancerous tumors, organ damage and even premature death.


appleStudies show that Apples are the most contaminated fruits to be eaten. If you think you are eating healthy, think again. Studies show that 98% of apples sold have insecticide content which is very harmful for you.

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