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8 Huge Ways Looking for a Job Has Changed in the Past 10 Years

people looking for a job at a career fair

people looking for a job at a career fair Job applicants attend a career fair. | John Moore/Getty Images

Few job seekers would want to go back to 2007. Sure, unemployment was fairly low. Fewer than 5% of Americans were out of work, well below the nearly double-digit unemployment rate we’d see a couple of years later. But the Great Recession was looming, the job market was weak, and the share of Americans who believed it was a good time to look for work was about to fall off a cliff.

The way we all looked for jobs was different, too. LinkedIn public profiles had only been around for a year and didn’t even have photos yet. Few people — if any — were applying for a job with their still-novel iPhone. (The first Apple smartphone hit store shelves in June 2007.) No one was talking about the “gig economy,” and career experts weren’t yet advising you to take your job search to Twitter.

In short, looking for a job in 2017 looks a lot different than it did in 2007, as a recent report from workplace insights platform Kununu revealed. Today’s job seekers have different expectations for everything — from how they’ll find out about open positions to how they’ll communicate with a company during the interview process. The result, according to Kununu, is a job-search landscape where candidates are more empowered than ever. And companies that want to attract the best talent will need to step up their game.

Job seekers and companies both must adapt to this changing world. Here are eight huge ways job hunting has changed in just 10 years. Do you agree?

Then: Few companies were researching candidates online

A decade ago, Myspace still ruled when it came to social networking, and few companies were researching candidates online. That year, just 25% of hiring managers were conducting Google searches on candidates, and only 1 in 10 were using social networking sites in their screening process, a CareerBuilder survey found.

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