8 Skin Care Mistakes You Could Be Making This Winter

Young Woman Drinking Water


It is a truth that nothing can be worse than a cracked and dry skin in winters. But, if you follow some of the tips, you can easily get supple and moisturized smooth skin. There are some mistakes we make in winters that adversely affects our skin. Making small changes in your daily routine can affect your skin to a great extent. Read on to get the tips for a smooth skin this winter! Trust us you will be thankful to us for the smooth and silky skin.


Not Drinking ample water

Young Woman Drinking Water
Young Woman Drinking Water

All people tend to drink less amount of water during the winter months and this has an adverse impact on the skin. Having a glass of water before starting your day can work wonders for your skin. It can hydrate your body and help it get rid of toxins.


Sleeping with make up

If you avoid removing the make up because of laziness, it can be even more worse for your skin. The best practice can be to remove the make up using some cold cream or even micellar water because soap cleansers can be harsh for the dry skin.


Not Using Face oils

Putting too much of cream-based moisturizer can be damaging for the skin. So, face oil is like a blessing for your skin. It may be that you do not know about the amazing benefits face oil can give to your skin. It can offer your skin much needed moisture and make it smooth and supple.

Not Washing the pillowcases regularly

Cleaning pillows
If you forget to wash your pillow cases regularly, you may be casuing more harm to your skin. You will be surprised to know that the pillowcases are receptable to dirt and oil and cause more breakouts in the dry winter skin. So please keep the pillowcases clean!

Not exfoliating your skin

It is very much essential to slough off the dead skins so that the mousturizer works effectively! It is necessary that you exfoliate your skin properly! Dry winter skin flakes can build up and make it impossible for the moisturizer to work. But, make sure that the exfoliator is not harsh.

Lingering in a hot shower

Who does not love to linger in a hot shower when it is below 10 degrees outside. But, this temptation can be harmful to your skin. After mere 15 minutes, the heat begins to damage the lipid layer of the skin that holds the precious moisture and so it is necessary to take care. Try to turn the heat down as much as you can or shorten the time of shower.

Using the wrong lip Balm

Your lips get more chapped up during the winter months. So, it is very important to use lip balms. But, it is also essential to be cautious while picking up lip balms. Not all the balms are created in similar manner. Use a balm that is not waxy and effective. Try to avoid any balms that contain lanolin. Also, avoid using balms that contain heavy scents or taste like your favourite candy.

Sticking with the same summer skin care regimen

This is the mistake most of us make and is harmful for the skin. The temperature and air pressure change also requiresa change in the skin care regimen. If you use gel cleanser, it is better to use something that is not harsh on your skin in winters. It is also suggested not to overwash your skin and use a mild cleanser.

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