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8 Things Too Many Managers Don’t Know About Their Employees

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you want to know more about your employees. And that’s great. There are many effective managers who are approachable, efficient, and strong leaders, but knowing about your employees can make you even more productive.

Perhaps you’re on the other side as an employee, and you’re wondering whether you could make a great manager. Or you simply think your manager has a thing or two to learn. Although your manager might not take kindly to you attacking their leadership style, you might be able to respectfully suggest a few improvements to the work environment.

Here are some things many managers don’t know about their employees. If you’re an employee, does your manager fall short on these?

1. More can be done to create a better work environment

Wolf of Wall Street scene in office

Wolf of Wall Street scene in office A team dynamic doesn’t happen overnight. | Paramount Pictures

If you want to have loyal and motivated employees, then creating a good work environment is extremely important. Chron reports you can start the improvement process by looking for broken or outdated equipment or workstations, meeting with employees, asking for feedback, and encouraging team building.

If you put yourself out there and show your employees that you value their feedback and comfort, you will help foster employee loyalty. Also, work can still be fun even though it needs to be productive. Team lunches or friendly competitions can help employees bond.

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