9 Signs You Had a Toxic Parent Growing Up

If your childhood looked more like an episode of Married with Children than 7th Heaven, it’s likely you grew up with a toxic parent. You may have wanted a mother who resembled wholesome Mrs. Camden, but that’s not reality. Besides, many of these actors’ onscreen personas don’t exactly translate to their real-life ways.

But that’s beside the point. From mommy and daddy issues to everything else, there’s a reason therapists’ couches stay occupied. Here are nine signs you had a toxic parent growing up.

1. You feel worthless in your parent’s eyes

Sad teenage girl looking out the window

Sad teenage girl looking out the window You may have felt as if you were worthless to your parents. |

In her New York Times Bestselling book Toxic Parents, Dr. Susan Forward examined qualities found in, you guessed it, toxic parents. Let’s say you had a parent who told you you were worthless as a child. This, as Forward (somewhat obviously) points out, is a definite sign of a toxic upbringing. How is anyone ever supposed to succeed, or go on to have happy, healthy relationships if they’ve been told they’re not good enough? If this was the case for you, talking to a counselor may prove a good investment in your overall happiness.

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