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9 Ways Traveling Makes You Feel Happier

Everyone wants to be happy, but most people search for happiness in their possessions. The latest Nikes or the new Apple Watch provide that jolt of excitement, but it quickly wears off and you’re left searching for something more. On the contrary, research has shown that experiences bring people significantly more happiness than possessions. Experiences like travel instigates happiness from the moment you buy your ticket to long after you’ve returned home. Travel provides lasting memories and has the ability to change your perspective and understandings of the world. Simply put: Travel makes you happy.

Whether it’s a two-week vacation to Costa Rica or a two-month trip to Indonesia, spend the money and book it.

1. You’ll gain self confidence

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airport, suitcase, solo travel Man getting ready to leave for vacation | Source: Thinkstock

Traveling leads you to do awesome things. You’ll navigate unknown cities, book a hostel with gestures, and conquer driving a scooter on the other side of the road. While you’re traveling doors will open to awesome experiences like swimming with sharks, riding an elephant, and hiking Mount Everest. Awesome things happen when you travel, and these experiences make you more confident in your skills and experiences.

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