99,000 Dollar As Tip To A Waitress!

A 35-year-old Canadian left a tip of 99,000 dollars for a simple sandwich! Induced by alcohol! Lol

Made generous by alcohol, a Canadian of 35 years on last Sunday, January 4 evening gave a 99,000 dollar tip for a simple sandwich, before being arrested, his credit card rejected the heavy transaction.

“Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.” This quote, taken from the book The Man revolted by French playwright Albert Camus (1951), very nearly entirely meaningful last weekend on the occasion of an incident that caused a stir and amused the whole of Canada.

On Monday, Barrie Police said they were called just before midnight the day before – in a bar situated downtown a hundred kilometers north of Toronto, that “a drunk man had difficulties in paying his bill “. After ordering a sandwich of $ 7, he left the waitress a tip of 98,932 dollars, the police was told. However, the addition was settled with a credit card, it was immediately rejected.

The man ended the evening in a drunk tank of the local police, who filed charges against him after finding he was subject to a court order prohibiting him from consuming alcohol. “Unfortunately for the waitress (…) no tip was finally paid,” remarked the police.

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