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There are huge amounts of savvy innovators on the planet. Yet, for quite a while, there simply wasn’t a modest path for them to create items with figuring force. That benefit was left in the hands of legendary Steve Jobs-like characters and huge, unapproachable PC chip organizations not long ago. The very formation of CHIP demystifies how cool gadgets are made. The CHIP group got some truly cool assistance from a project called the Hackcelerator.

Hackcelerator is a program that offers cash to individuals with cool thoughts for PC equipment and sends them to China, the world’s assembling HQ, to make the right associations that will make cool thoughts transform into REAL THINGS. Transforming an old TV into a PC screen is nothing new. Anyhow, what is new is reasonably cheap it is with CHIP. You used to need cash, associations, force, or virtuoso to get your hands on a PC. Yet, with CHIP, you can turn an old TV and a mouse and a console you found in the rubbish into a PC.BAM!

What can CHIP a $9 computer do? Watch this clip: