A Glass In The Human Arm… OMG!

A Glass In The Human Arm… OMG!
He had a lump in his arm for years … And was speechless when he discovered what it was.

Most of us probably would remember an incident where a large piece of glass enters our body and gets stuck there. After all, it seems immensely painful, and it would be a story to tell others in the coming years.

However, the human body is a strange thing, and memory can be complicated. Sure, there’s a logical explanation for most things in this world, but when strange things like this happen, you can’t make complete meaning out of it.

This is something that kylkyl discovered the hard way earlier this week.
kylkyl said he had always had this little bump on his arm and never thought much about it.

However, after a sports massage, the extrusion worsened and began to be painful. That’s when he finally went to a doctor, where they took the piece of glass from his arm.

kylkyl says he has no idea where it comes from or how it ended up on his arm, but thinks it may have come from a glass of wine.

What I want to know is how the piece of glass got into his arm in the first place without creating a scar. Maybe it’s an alien implant or something?

(Source Reddit)

Either way, it is still quite strange.

What do you think?

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