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A Leech In The Human Throat

Dog Xiaobo, a Chinese 11-year-old, complained of pain in the throat for several days. At times, he could not even breathe and lost consciousness.

Initially, his parents believed he had a cold and bought him the syrup pharmacy, the syrup had absolutely no help. After a few days, Cheung Tung, the mother of the boy, decided to take him to the hospital. It was there that doctors discovered a leech 7 centimeters long in his throat!

The boy said he drank water from a pond at the back of their school. Doctors say he had swallowed a larva in the pond and it grew up in his throat, sometimes stopping his respiratory tract, causing him dizziness and loss of consciousness. The small boy learned a lesson and says he will never drink water from a pond. However, one can only shudder at seeing the leech which was in his throat in these photos: