The expression “Franchise Viagra” implies precisely what you think it does: before a dosage of what The Rock is never-endingly cooking (swagger, appeal, muscles, eyebrow), an establishment would dangle flaccidly. After? Upgraded execution.

Here’s a glance at the Franchise that Dwayne Johnson has saved and how they pretty nearly did at the local film industry pre and post-Rock.

It may come as an amazement to some that Dwayne Johnson didn’t join the Fast and Furious until Fast Five, considering he’s currently an indispensable piece of the cast. Upon his landing, Fast Five made $55 million more than the movie’s past best, Fast and Furious. From that point forward, each new film has turn into the top procuring continuation. At the overall film industry, the current year’s Furious 7 has made $1.5 billion