A Tap Is Like Any Other, Except When BEER Flows From It.

A tap is like any other, except when BEER flows from it.

What would you have done if you got home, opened the kitchen faucet and instead of water, beer flows from your tap?

This was what happened to Russ, a man from New Zealand, after his friends connected barrels of cold beer to his main water supply wholes.

To capture the reaction of Russ and his wife, the pranksters placed cameras around the house and hid in the basement. Russ began to investigate and found that there is a network of beer barrels connected to his water supply.

The joke was sponsored by local beer brand Tui, the video was used as part of an advertising campaign. According to a spokesman for Tui, this group of friends are famous for doing this kind of jokes constantly, it would be fun to have friends like these right ?.

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