A Teenager Had Sex With A Dog

A teenager by name Ashley Miller appears before court for having sex with a dog. Ashley was reportedly admitted taking pictures as she had oral sex with her dog, 2-face. Seriously?

When the police interrogated her, she told the police that she lured her dog, 2-face into having sex with her – an act which she has been doing for more than 40 times in the last five years.

Well, not only 2-face! Ashley is reported to have had a similar act with her previous dog, Scarface.

Reports by the New York Daily News indicates that anytime Miller wanted to have sex with her dog, she’d lock herself in her room, undress herself and lure 2-face over. Although she claims she never forced 2-face into having sex, and has never touched him sexually.

It appears that this act happened even when her family members where home, but no body had an idea of what she does with the dog.

Police found images her and 2-face on her phone. She had two separate folders named “Me” and “2-face-fun”. Ashley has now been charged with two counts of sexual activities involving animals.

Vets say the are no indications of injury on 2-face. Miller will appear before court again next month.

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