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Acne Products That Actually Improve Your Skin

Even if you follow the clear skin commandments, you may still find yourself with a pimple in the middle of your cheek. It could be a side effect of stress, temperamental weather, or even forgetting to wash your face for a few days in a row — we’ve all been guilty of that. Regardless of the cause, you want that blemish gone, stat. Finding an acne-fighting product is easy with so many products on the market. What’s difficult, however, is finding a mixture that works. Loaded with the right amount of blemish-battling ingredients, here are five picks that will do the trick.

1. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Drying lotion

Drying lotion Drying Lotion |  Amazon

Everyone wishes they could make a nasty pimple disappear before a first date or big presentation at work. We can’t promise your face will be flaw-free after one night’s sleep, but Mario Badescu’s Dying Lotion works wonders. Thanks to a blend of fast-acting ingredients, salicylic acid, and calamine, this mix promises to shrink whiteheads and prevent the problem from growing. Users be warned: This pick dries on as a light pink hue, so make sure you wash off this lotion in the morning.

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