Addicted to Love and Relationships? Here Are the Signs

The feeling of being in love — true love — is undeniable. It’s a difficult emotion to articulate to someone who’s never fallen head over heels themselves. But for those who may be relationship addicts, it’s a whole different story. These people often think they’re in love, but really, it’s nothing more than addiction. Although you and your partner may utter those three magic words on a regular basis, it may be time to take a magnifying glass to the reality of the situation.

Most relationship addicts aren’t able to recognize what a healthy partnership actually looks like. In their eyes, a healthy, loving relationship is boring. There’s a fine line between love and this sort of addiction, but acknowledging the difference is crucial. Here are six differences between being in love and being addicted to relationships.

1. You have a history of short romantic relationships

beautiful couple on glitter gold background

beautiful couple on glitter gold background Your relationships don’t last long. |

If your pattern of romance entails several short relationships, there’s a good chance you’re a relationship addict. The excitement of the honeymoon phase ends, and you’re left craving more. William Berry writes in Psychology Today, “When someone is addicted to love, this person develops an unhealthy attachment to the passion and enthrallment of the beginning of a relationship.” Once that novelty wears off, you’re tempted to bounce to another relationship to fulfill that void of lust, passion, and excitement.

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