Adrenaline-Packed Young Explorers Outdoor Activities

As young children, our parents decide whether we go to the circus, camp out, travel north, tour the mountains for outdoor activities, or, stay at home for the summer. Again, in old age, life will restrict us from skydiving, surfing, climbing trees, scuba diving, or, leaving the house for that matter. That only leaves young explorers with one option: YOLO!

In our case, YOLO spells out as “Youth only live once.” Better put, while you are still flexible and tender, explore the planet and use as much adrenaline as you can. Age catches up faster than we think, and the worst thing to do is to die with ambitions. Instead, die with memories of what you did as a young explorer!

Find some adrenaline-packed outdoor activities you should try out as a youngster below:

  • Jump off Cliffs

I guess the phrase should be “jump off safe cliffs.” Find protruding land heads that direct you into deep water that is free from rocks or debris. This is not something you will forget soon.

  • Take Balloon Rides

Riding in balloons that are run on nothing but hot air is hair-raising enough. Trust me, when I did my first hot air balloon ride in Africa, I had the feeling that the fuel was running out when we were right above a herd of elephants!

  • Go Kayaking

kayakingKayaking not only requires your strength as a young explorer; it will also require you to have sufficient space to accommodate the experience. Sliding over water that is thousands of feet deep in an object as wide as your hips will drench you in adrenaline!

  • Camp in the Wild

Pitch tent in the African wild where you can hear lions roaring in the distance and where you can toss a stone into the drinking hole full of monster buffaloes. The advantage of being young is that you can run to the bus if the hyenas seem to salivate at your flesh and do not seem to care to get too close.

  • Scuba Dive

Some adventurers combine scuba diving with diving with whales and sharks. Leave that to the experts and find lagoons where you can dive with dolphins. That is a sure tip to ensure you live to remember the memories!

There you have it, dear young explorer! There is fun you can only enjoy while still fresh. I am open to fresh ideas that you may wish to share on this post. For instance, I should have mentioned that in Asia, there is food such as roasted corn and nuts that you can only enjoy while you still have 32 teeth!

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