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All the Things Your Barber Wants You to Know

Let’s face it: Your barber is probably one of the most consistent people in your life. You see them every couple of weeks, and, when you do, you know what you’re getting. Like your friends, your barber probably knows a lot about you, because what else are you supposed to do while you’re sitting in his or her chair? That said, there are probably some things that you don’t know about them, including their client pet peeves and some plain ‘ol barber etiquette tips. Here are all the things your barber wish you knew.

1. Running late hurts both you and your barber


barber Please do not run late, and if you do, let them know ahead of time so they can adjust accordingly. | iStock.com

Sometimes you’re late to an appointment. It happens, but you should make sure that you call the barber shop or salon to let them know that you’re running late. It will benefit the both of you to reschedule. “If a client is running late they should call at least 30 minutes before their appointment time. Stylists will, at that point, need to adjust the rest of their day so clients after them aren’t waiting,” says hair stylist Tanya Abriol to Byrdie.

Running late is bad for both of you, because you’re not going to get the best hair cut possible. Not only are you likely to have an irritated hairstylist or barber, but it might be done in a rush. “Showing up 15 minutes late really is the limit, taking in consideration that typically each service takes an hour. Consulting what you want to change about your look, getting washed, and settled in takes another 15 minutes… at that point it has run into 30 minutes of your appointment time,” adds hairstylist Nick Stenson in the same story from Byrdie.

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