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Always Thinking About Yourself? You Might Be a Narcissist

Most of us know who we are. We know our strengths and our shortcomings. And most of us are relatively satisfied with our personalities. You may wish you were a little more assertive or a bit less susceptible to stress, but for the most part, you know what your personality is. Beyond some minor adjustments, there probably aren’t too many changes you’d like to make. But nobody wants to be a narcissist any more than they want to be a sociopath. Probably because narcissists sound more than a little bit unlikable.

Do you have a creeping suspicion you’re among them? Find out for sure by taking a look at the following signs that you actually are.

1. You’re secretly insecure and shameful

woman taking a picture of her shoes

woman taking a picture of her shoes Narcissists, especially those with narcissistic personality disorder, are often concealing feelings of shame and vulnerability. | iStock.com/max-kegfire

Many behaviors are indicative of a narcissist. As Jane E. Brody reports for The New York Times, they’re highly competitive and portray themselves as winners and others as losers. They shame those who disagree with them, lie for personal gain, blame others for their mistakes, and ignore facts. Most of us have one or more narcissistic trait without having narcissistic personality disorder. But these behaviors typically conceal secret feelings of insecurity, shame, and vulnerability. Sound familiar? You may be a narcissist. 

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