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Amazing Facts You Never Knew About the Honda Civic

More often than not, the best-selling cars out there aren’t the most interesting things on the road. Most mass-market cars are affordable, reliable, and not much else. That’s what makes the Honda Civic so interesting. Not only is it the sixth best-selling car of all time, but there’s also plenty to say about it.

The Civic truly is all things to all people. For the practical, budget-minded driver, it’s a cheap-to-maintain runabout that can be depended on for years to come. To a gearhead, it’s a blank canvas — an easy-to-modify car with almost limitless performance potential. And for everyone else in between, it’s probably exactly what you’re looking for.

So if you own, have owned, or know someone who owns a Civic, you probably have fond memories of the car that put Honda on the map. And even if you’re already a fan, chances are you might not know these interesting facts about the Honda Civic.

1. It saved Honda

1967 Honda N600

1967 Honda N600 1967 Honda N600 | Honda

In the 1960s, Honda was well-known as a motorcycle manufacturer. In 1963, it began building cars, but mechanically they had more in common with motorcycles than an average car. The first Honda car sold in the U.S. was the tiny N600, and outside of the West Coast, it failed to find much of an audience. So with little traction outside of Japan and an uphill battle distinguishing itself from other automakers in its home market, Honda considered leaving the automotive market altogether. Then, the Civic came along.

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