America Finally Comes Together to Hate Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie watches the action at Citi Field.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie watches the action at Citi Field. You haven’t experienced awkward until you’ve had Chris Christie stomp into your seating area at the ballpark. | Getty Images

They call it America’s Pastime for a reason. Baseball gave us Babe Ruth, the 1960 World Series, and a reason to take hot dogs seriously. Now, over 150 years since the first ballgames took place, it has once again brought a divided country together. Just when you thought we’d never agree on anything, baseball managed to get every man, woman, and child alive to hate Chris Christie.

It began innocently enough, with baseball fans heading to the ballpark in July. But the next thing they knew, the country’s least popular governor came trouncing into their section with plates of nachos and his security force. Needless to say, a guy like Christie can’t relax and enjoy a ballgame, so after a little heckling, he decided he’d intimidate fans with his guards standing next to him. Hence the ugly incident in Milwaukee with a Cubs fan.

Sure, the whole buildup sounds ridiculous. Why would the New Jersey governor spend his summer loafing at ballparks as well as beaches he shut down? Reporters tried asking, but you can’t talk to a lame duck, especially one known to tell lies all the time. But we have an idea. Given the attention he’s craved, we think Christie hopes to become a villain on talk-radio programs and at pro wrestling matches. As one of the most hated people alive, Christie wants to monetize his top commodity.

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