Home News ‘America’s Got Talent’: Do the Contestants Get Paid?

‘America’s Got Talent’: Do the Contestants Get Paid?

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America’s Got Talent promises its winner $1 million, but that’s not the only thing contestants walk away with. For all of their time and effort being on the show, they get paid, whether they make it to the finale round or not. So how much exactly are they raking in?

Thanks to a copy of the show’s participant contract and a tell-all book called Inside AGT: The Untold Stories of America’s Got Talent, we have an idea what that would be. First of all, the final prize comes with a few conditions. It may come in all one lump sum, but the show also has the right to make annuity payments over time. Those payments can also decrease at will of the producers, and the shipping fee gets passed on to the winner along with taxes. If a contestant gets payments or incentives during the show, it could also be deducted from the prize.

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