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America’s Least Wanted: 25 Cars on Life Support in 2017

2016 Chrysler 200 Limited

2016 Chrysler 200 Limited Fiat-Chrysler has several models on the list of worst-selling cars in America. | Chrysler

U.S. consumers never bought more cars than they did in 2016. Some 17.55 million new cars and trucks found American buyers throughout the year, beating the all-time record by a small margin. Despite fears the auto industry had peaked, car buyers rode the wave of an improved economy, which hit its own record of 75 straight months of employment gains.

That pace has mostly held steady for the auto industry in 2017. As usual, pickup trucks are leading the way. Ford F-150 continues its 35-year reign atop the U.S. sales charts, and other Detroit models have followed suit. Meanwhile, SUVs and trucks have their biggest share of the market (nearly 60%) the industry ever seen. That trend leaves cars — especially smaller cars — quite vulnerable. This dark side of the story is one that’s worth telling.

Despite the favorable market conditions, consumers are steering clear of many cars you can find in dealerships. Twenty-five models in particular are either showing huge sales declines or simply low volumes due to their enduring unpopularity. As their struggles continue through the start of 2017, these 25 cars are officially America’s least wanted vehicles.

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