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Amy Schumer’s Best On-Screen Moments (So Far)

Comedian Amy Schumer has slowly been building up her stock over the last 10 years, but it wasn’t until 2015’s Trainwreck — which Schumer wrote and starred in — that she officially became one of the biggest stars in the business. On top of her ongoing successful sketch series Inside Amy Schumer, she also has two films in the pipeline including the drama Thank You For Your Service and Mother/Daughter, the latter of which Schumer also wrote.

So if you’ve found yourself a fan of Schumer’s work, you might be wondering where to look for some of her earlier work. The truth is that she doesn’t have a whole lot of material on the movie front. So for the purposes of this list, we’ll be including stand-up specials. Here are the five movies and comedy specials worth checking out.

5. Price Check (2012)

Price Check

Price Check Price Check | IFC Films

Starring Parker Posey and Eric Mabius, Price Check tells the story of Pete Cozy who has recently moved to the suburbs with his family and finds himself on the fast-track to executive. But his relationship with his new boss begins to complicate both his home life and work life. Schumer co-stars as Lila with some of the more memorable lines in the film, including the following about an early meeting: “I feel like shit. Being human sucks. I hope someone brought donuts.”